Hokobori-jima apart from the bustle of the city

★Recommended point that girls in Yumekoyado willingly rejoice★
① Girls only☆Private bedrock bath is 0 yen!
② Dining with a beautiful flower shoji in January 2017 renewal!
③ Private outdoor bath (5 pairs per day · charged) that sprinkles new roses every time!
④ Aroma, steam facial equipment and massage chair are free!
⑤ Specialty☆Sukiyaki in the morning is unique and fun!
⑥ Convenient parking lot on site! Free use from 13 o'clock OK!
⑦ Free pick-up to Onsen town! Please pick me up★
⑧ If it is inn! Futon direct late-night beauty salon(Toll)!
⑨ Miscellaneous comics and novels in this facility are all you can read!
⑩ Delivery on specified date! Please enjoy future souvenirs at the "Happy Post".

Attraction of the Tempuraen

  • Evolving casual inn

    Tenbouen is about 1.2 km from Kinosaki-Onsen Station.
    A quiet and refreshing morning like a place not far from the usual, in a place a little far from the city.
    Wind blowing through the birds singing, dazzling sunlight.

    In addition, this facility has many young staff, it is the style of Tianyuen to share what you felt in the interaction with the customer as it is feeling and incorporate it as soon as you think it is good.

    Cute interior, fancy yukata, enthusiastic hot springs, instruments to make you want to shoot, exciting breakfast breakfast, conversation bouncing dining···. I have continued a lot of evolution, especially I gathered support from women in my 20s.
    And we will continue building innovations that customers will be delighted.
  • I want to give "satisfaction" that is more valuable than cheap

    What is the purpose of your trip?
    "Direct dish" that leads to satisfaction of traveling.

    Speaking of Kinosaki Onsen winter after all crabs.
    "I like crabs but I can stay a bit cheaply because it's OK. "
    wait a minute!

    It is easy to provide cheaply by reducing quantity and number of items.
    However, this facility is cheap, I would like to offer a satisfying journey once a year rather than a satisfactory trip.
    The “full stomach or full course” delivered with confidence is as follows: ① Crab stabbing ② Grilled crab (with shell miso) ③ Crab crab ④ Crab tempura ⑤ Crab suki pan ⑥ Crab cooking (cheese topping) Please enjoy yourself.
    Please excite a little and enjoy the blissful journey.


Google Map

Hotel Name



85-3 Momoshima, Kinosaki Town, Toyooka City

Telephone number



【car】About 40 minutes from Toyooka Road · Hidaka-Kannabekogen IC (Free on-site on site)【JR】Kinosaki-Onsen Station (About 15 minutes from the Ryokan Association Free Bus)

Pick-up presence (condition)
JR arriving early to Kinosaki-Onsen Station by JR, luggage can be temporarily stored at the hotel information center in front of the station. Transportation from the station is a circulation pick-up between 2 ryokan cooperative buses (free from 15 o'clock to 18 o'clock) considering the traffic conditions of the Onsen town.Please Tenbouen the staff in front of the station the name of the hotel (Tenbouen)

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In-house information

  • lobby

    A yukata and a belt line up at the entrance of the entrance, and it is going to be absorbed in the selection of the yukata to choose which way to do.
    In the leisurely relaxing space, cute small items are gently welcoming you.
  • Powder Room

    In the powder room "Rurudo", essential items of female beautiful are Rurudo! Please use it freely.
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Women only! Stone Sauna

  • Chair type

    A chair-type bedrock bath made of Bakuhanseki.
    Decomposes and purifies adsorbed impurities and harmful substances such as mineral elution and air purification.

    Detox the fatigue and stress accumulated in your daily life.
    In addition, it warms from the core of your body and relaxes your heart.

    ※No reservation is required.
  • Floor type

    Germanium ore floor type bedrock bath.
    Far-infrared radiation of 100 microns has been confirmed.
    It prevents aging of the cell and sweat well and metabolism increases.

    Because it is a private size, it is a little tight, but you can use it at the same time.
    While the body and mind were unraveled, there were occasional relaxing girl talks.

    ※No reservation is required.

Beauty salon room

  • 【Petit Beauty Salon Course】

    This course is recommended for those who are new to the beauty salon.

    Petite head ... 10 minutes, ¥ 1,000
    Massage improves the blood circulation of the head and promotes refreshing sensation and activation of the scalp.

    Petit facial ... 20 min, \ 2,800
    It is recommended for those who are saying to those who are new to you, those who only want massage, if you would like to try it.
    ※Please drop off the makeup beforehand.

    Petit décolleté ... 20 min, ¥ 2,800
    Treatment with aroma oil on decollete (neck, shoulder, chest circumference).
    Shed the waste products to the refreshing and shiny skin.
  • 【Body Treatment】

    It is said that it is said to be a natural medical tool, please spend the bliss time freed from everyday stress and tiredness in the beauty salon of each country.

    30 minutes course... \ 4,500
    ☆Upper body(back·Both arms)

    60 minutes course... ¥ 8,500
    ☆back(back·Both arms·leg)

    90 minutes course... \ 11,800
    ☆Whole body···Full body
    (leg·Waist·back·stomach·Both arms·Décolleté)
  • 【Facial Treatment】

    By hand technique, I improve the flow of lymph and circulation, make a face line, make it a firm skin.

    Cleansing · Facial cleanser · sesame drink · decollete, facial treatment pack · lotion · moisturizing cream

    Basic course, 30 minutes ¥ 4,500

    Facial bone reset course 45 minutes ¥ 6,500

    Anti-aging course 60 minutes ¥ 8,500

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