Kinosakionsen Tenbouen Concept!

At this facility"Helping young people to make their trip even more enjoyable"
Based on the concept, we have prepared the facilities and dishes in this facility.

I want to travel but I'm not good at fish and crabs...Meals that will please those who say
Not Japanese food such as The Ryokan !, but a collection of menus that young people like
We have been actively incorporating customer feedback, such as devising menus ^^

In particular, our specialty, "Morning Sukiyaki," which is made with homemade warishita, is
I think it's a breakfast that you can't think of at a normal inn,
It has been well received enough to get 4.7 reviews.☆

And at "Rose's private open-air bath Tensui (charged)"
You can sprinkle the petals of the basket as you like.
Please enjoy the spacious and open semi-open-air bath in this location!

In addition, the "Private Room Bedrock Bath", which is safe even in the event of a corona,
We are implementing a free service with great inspiration ^ ^
Please detox your daily fatigue from the core of your body.★
(※Please understand that it is for women only because it is located in the back of the women's bathhouse.)

Kinosakionsen Dreamy Ryokan Tenbouen

Attraction of the Tempuraen

  • Propose a trip that is more fun!

    There are many young staff,
    Share what you feel from your interaction with the customer with that sensitivity,
    If you think it's good, the Tenbouen style is the one you should take in immediately.

    Then continue to evolve,
    It has been especially popular with young people (especially women).
    Thanks to you, more than 80% of customers in their 30s were in 2020!

    Cute interior, fashionable yukata, private open-air bath of roses,
    A dish that makes you want to take a picture, a bowl, and a breakfast with outstanding impact.

    Even cooking
    It's easy to reduce the quantity and number of items and offer it cheaply,
    This facility is delicious and we want to offer you a satisfying trip that will fill you up!

    Please enjoy "satisfaction" that is more valuable than cheap.
  • ★Recommended point that girls in Yumekoyado willingly rejoice★

    ① Girls only☆Bedrock bath is 0 yen!
    ② Women's fashionable yukata & accessory rental is also 0 yen!
    ③ Private open-air bath where you can sprinkle a heap of roses (5 groups a day, charge)!
    ④ The SNS studio "Sumire Photo Studio" is fun!
    ⑤ Dining with cute flower shoji screens!
    ⑥ Specialty☆Light morning sukiyaki!
    ⑦ Free on-site parking! Available from 13:00!
    ⑧ Pink hanten that looks cute!
    ⑨ Aroma, steam facial equipment, nail set and massage chair are also 0 yen!
    ⑩ Free transfer to the Onsen
    11 Unlimited reading of manga and novels in this facility!
  • A Japanese-style room with a Hollywood twin bed is now available★

    In July 2021, we introduced Hollywood twin beds in some rooms!
    What's more, the Simmons bed, which is familiar with "life-changing beds", is used!

    Hollywood Twin:Bed type where two units are stuck together and lined up.
    Although it is the same size as the king size, it is difficult for the other party to turn over because it is one by one☆

    The atmosphere of the interior has changed a little, and you can now relax.
    Please use ^^

In-house information

  • lobby

    The lobby on the right after entering the entrance.
    It is a space where you can relax on the sofa.

    Drinks are also available in the lobby.
    Please bring it to the front desk.

    There is also a drink labeled Tenboen!

    Before going out, after returning, to cool down after the bath.
    Feel free to use the lobby!
  • Completed in August 2020★SNS studio "Sumire Photo Studio"!

    Since the three walls have different backgrounds,
    Please find your favorite angle!

    There is also a rental of umbrellas and kimonos.

    The usage fee is free!
    If you like, I'd be happy if you could tag and upload photos to SNS ^^

    Enjoy, please use★
    (Please see the photo gallery for the background of other surfaces)
  • Yukata corner

    Fashionable yukata and small items selected by the service manager.
    There are 100 women's yukatas!

    Yukata of a common inn is Tsumaranai!
    With that said, we have a lot of fashionable and cute patterns nowadays!
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Google Map

Hotel Name



85-3 Momoshima, Kinosaki Town, Toyooka City

Telephone number



【car】About 30 minutes from "Tajima Airport IC" on the Kitakinki Toyo-oka Expressway(Free on-site on site)
【JR】Take the limited express "Stork" or "Hamakaze" and get off at Kinosaki-Onsen Station(About 15 minutes from the Ryokan Association Free Bus)

Pick-up presence (condition)
JR arriving early to Kinosaki-Onsen Station by JR, luggage can be temporarily stored at the hotel information center in front of the station. Transportation from the station is a circulation pick-up between 2 ryokan cooperative buses (free from 15 o'clock to 18 o'clock) considering the traffic conditions of the Onsen town.Please tell the staff in front of the station the name of the inn (Tenbouen).
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Only for women! Private bedrock bath

  • Chair type

    A chair-type bedrock bath made of Bakuhanseki.
    Decomposes and purifies adsorbed impurities and harmful substances such as mineral elution and air purification.

    Detox the fatigue and stress accumulated in your daily life.
    In addition, it warms from the core of your body and relaxes your heart.

    ※No reservation is required.
  • Floor type

    Germanium ore floor type bedrock bath.
    Far-infrared radiation of 100 microns has been confirmed.
    It prevents aging of the cell and sweat well and metabolism increases.

    Because it is a private size, it is a little tight, but you can use it at the same time.
    While the body and mind were unraveled, there were occasional relaxing girl talks.

    ※No reservation is required.

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