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Beauty salon room

  • ※Beauty salon is only available for guests staying.
    ※Customers who wish to use must make a reservation in advance.

Momihikukoshi course(neck·shoulder·back·Waist·leg)

  • It is a care that you can easily do from the top of the yukata, but it is recommended for guests seeking healing and results.
10 minutes···¥ 1,000It is a trial course that gently flushes the whole body lymph and relax intensively one place.
20 min···¥ 2,000I will drain the whole body lymph and unravel my back muscles from the waist.
Half an hour···¥ 3,000We intensely disentangle the chronic stiff shoulders around the shoulder blades and we will ease it.
40 minutes···¥ 4,000It relaxes tension with original lymphatic care tailored to your body and improves your daily chronic bad condition.
  • ※Every 10 minutes, you will be charged a 1,000 yen additional charge.

Petit Beauty Salon Course

  • This course is recommended for those who are new to the beauty salon.
Petite head ... 10 minutes, ¥ 1,000Massage improves the blood circulation of the head and promotes refreshing sensation and activation of the scalp.
Petit facial ... 20 min, \ 2,800It is recommended for those who are saying to those who are new to you, those who only want massage, if you would like to try it.
※Please drop off the makeup beforehand.
Petit décolleté ... 20 min, ¥ 2,800Treatment with aroma oil on decollete (neck, shoulder, chest circumference).
Shed the waste products to the refreshing and shiny skin.

Body Treatment, Body Treatment

  • It is said that it is said to be a natural medical tool, please spend the bliss time freed from everyday stress and tiredness in the beauty salon of each country.

Balinese treatments(aroma)

  • Please spend a relaxing time with long stroke movement.(I improve the flow of blood circulation / lymph.)
30 minutes course... \ 4,500☆Upper body(back·Both arms)
60 minutes course... ¥ 8,500☆back(back·Both arms·leg)
90 minutes course... \ 11,800☆Whole body···Full body
(leg·Waist·back·stomach·Both arms·Décolleté)

Facial Treatment, Facial Treatment

  • By hand technique, I improve the flow of lymph and circulation, make a face line, make it a firm skin.

    Cleansing · Facial cleanser · sesame drink · decollete, facial treatment pack · lotion · moisturizing cream
Basic course30 minutes ¥ 4,500

Facial bone reset course45 minutes ¥ 6,500
Anti-aging course60 minutes ¥ 8,500
  • ※Please choose according to your skin pack.

    ·Whitening pack(Whitening)
    ·Fango Pack, Mud pack, (Pore ​​dirt)
    ·Moose pack (moisturizing pack)
    ·Shake pack(Tighten)
    ·Gypsum pack(lift up, Whitening, Beauty ingredients)+ ¥ 2,000

Special course, Special Course

  • Yumekoyado is an advantageous course combining the popular course Yumekoyado Tenbouen.
    Recommended course for gifts of birthdays and anniversaries.
60 minutes… \ 8,500☆Balinese body upper body or lower thigh and facial basic
120 minutes… \ 18,000☆Balinese full body and facial basics and cream bath

Cream bath, Cream Bath

  • Head beauty salon which is transmitted to Bali Island from old days
20 minutes course... \ 3,000·Scalp and hair cream treatment
※Long hair plus ¥ 300
40 minutes course... \ 5,000·Scalp and hair cream treatment.neck·With shoulder oil treatment.
※Long hair plus ¥ 300
  • 【Men's beauty salon】
    Each course same

    ☆Back garage(Horny care)... 10 minutes, \ 1,000