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Renewed in 2017, Hana Han and Chandelier are cute dining!
private rooms in Dining Hall a private rooms in Dining Hall digging digging to lift your feet and relax!
  • Luxury local brand Tajima-beef

    ◆◇, Proud Tajima-beef, ""

    Tajima-beef is the raw Omi Beef for "Matsuzaka Beef, Kobe beef, Omi Beef" called Japan's three major Japanese Tajima-beef.
    Also, 99.9% of brand cows across the country are Pakistan of Tajima-beef!

    Cows grown in Tajima are tempered by the steep slope of the steep valley surrounded by the mountains, low in subcutaneous fat and high in meat quality, with an exquisite balance of lean and fat!
    Also, air and water are delicious, and the site to keep is wide so stress free and healthy!

    Among them, only the ones who cleared the strict criteria can become local bull "Tajima-beef".
    Production is small, it is expensive because it is scarce, and it does not circle too much.
    Tajima you eat outside Tajima, even the same amount is even more expensive.
    If you eat anything at local Tajima!
  • Winter taste crab

    If you expose yourself to cold water as it is transparent, it spreads like flowers bloom.Beauty as a fresh crab.The delicious nature and the deliciousness of the Matsuba Crab winter that fertile fishing ground produces have taste impressed only by those who tasted it.
    • Winter's most popular【Full-course full course】pot·Grilled·Stab & fried crab tempura
  • fresh fish

    Dinner is a Yumekoyado specialty【Local gourmet full load★Tore Pichi Kaiseki Meal】
    Freshly picked sashimi with plenty of sashimi
    Wagyu beef steak, red crab, rice crusher, roasted egg custard etc and more than 10 items!
    Plenty of local materials as well!
  • Breakfast

    How about breakfast specialized in the hotel for breakfast?
  • private rooms in Dining Hall【Koume】

    Flower Rooms will use it for guests staying in the guest Flower Rooms.
  • Dining table【Wagokoro】

    Dream Guestroom staying in a Dream Guestroom will use it.