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For those who stay, you can enjoy Kinosaki 7 Sotoyu springs with free bathing tickets.

  • Explore the hot springs

    • 【Kinosaki Onsen, Mandara-yu Kinosaki Onsen】

      Onsen Temple Founder, Doshishonin is derived from the fact that it was known by the Praying mandala for a thousand days of Praying mandala for a thousand days Onsen Temple Founder, Doshishonin Praying mandala for a thousand days Onsen Temple Founder, Doshishonin's Praying mandala for a thousand days. The entrance is surrounded by the Karahafu and the green of the mountain, and it has a clean taste and is considered to be Isshoichigan-no-yu a Isshoichigan-no-yu.
    • 【Kinosaki Hot Springs, Jizouyu】

      It is the origin of the name that Jizoson came out from the spring of this hot spring.The Jizoson is festooned in the garden, the appearance is a Japanese style enamel, and the wide window of the hexagon is the most modern building in the Sotoyu which imaged the Gembudo.It is considered to be Syujosukui-no-yu.
    • 【Kinosaki Onsen, Sato-no-yu】

      This Sato-no-yu is born that plus modernity to the spirit of Kinosaki's Onsen spring that springs out from 1400 years ago.Maruyama River strange space created by the outdoor bath, the smell of herbs and the sound of a waterfall while watching the Maruyama River and nature.It is a Onsen you can enjoy various things.
    • 【Kinosaki Hot Springs, Ichi-no-yu】

      Hot Spring Medicine in Edo Midium Term is a hot water named after Shutoku Kagawa, Leading Disciple of Gozan Goto, a founder of Hot Spring Medicine in Edo Midium Term, called Shutoku Kagawa, Leading Disciple of Gozan Goto"Tenka Ichi (the best)". Momoyama Method is a building reminiscent of the Momoyama Method Kabuki-za and is a symbol of Kinosaki Onsen with both name.It is considered to be Kaiun-shofuku-no-yu.
    • 【Kinosaki Hot Springs, Kou-no-yu】

      It was named from the origin that stork was discovered in the land of this Kinosaki the ground due to the healing of foot wounds.Yama-no-yu is a simple rustic style architecture with Yama-no-yu style, quiet hot water far from the street deep inside the town, suitable for bathing that did not take a walk.It is regarded as hot water that invites happiness.
    • 【Kinosaki Hot Springs, Gosho-no-yu】

      History story Bunei years Masukagami (1267) Emperor Gohorikawa Gosho-no-yu Emperor Gohorikawa of Ankamonin is derived from the fact that has been bathing. Bijin-no-yu is regarded as Bijin-no-yu for Bijin-no-yu.The present building to the Kyoto Gosyo and彷佛has new construction moved to Heisei (time period) 2005.
    • 【Kinosaki Hot Springs, Yanagi-yu】

      It was named after the fact that it springs from under a willow tree transplanted from Scenic Site Seiko Lake in China.Previously it was behind this, it is said that trauma and swelling have been effective.It is regarded as hot water for children's giving.
  • Sightseeing

    • Gembudo

      Designated as a national natural treasure.Mascot character Gensan also popular.
    • Hachigorou Wetland

      It is a place full of rare creatures and plants, feels storks close at hand.
    • Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork

      Emotional stork release flight nature whole experience study learning
    • Izushi

      Tajima Izushi's Tourist Information Site of Tajima's Little Kyoto · Izushi's Tourist Information Site
      ·About 140 minutes from Osaka Station to Izushi
      ·Izushi - Tenbouen about 30 minutes
    • Amanohashidate

      Japan's Top 3 Scenic Views, Amanohashidate Official website
      ·About 130 minutes from Osaka Station to Amanohashidate
      ·Amanohashidate - Tenbouen about 70 minutes
    • Soba making experience

      Experience making soba at the home of soba "Izushi"
    • Farm experience

      Look, touch and taste! There is a Milk Kobo "Sora" lot of Jersey cows are bred on the ranch and you can actually touch them!
      Have you seen jersey cowing? My body is slightly smaller and my eyes are bigger and it is very lovely.The calf is like Bambi! There are other piglets and rabbits.
    • Strawberry Picking

      Cute to see! It's delicious to eat! Strawberry country
    • Horse fishing

      There is no unfishable haze! Tempura after fishing
    • straw handiwork experience

      Feeling slightly craftsmen, challenging Kinosaki Traditional Crafts
    • Kitatosyo

      Delicious ~ You can get "grape"!
    • Snow Hunt

      For those who want to fly now or immediately!
  • Surrounding SPOT

    • Holiday GO! GO! Map

      There are many fun SPOTs around Kinosaki Onsen!
    • Riders

      Tenbouen come Customers also welcome on a motorcycle in the Tenbouen
  • Shuttle car

    • Tenbouen is a shuttle car of the Tenbouen.

      We will pick you up in the city here! Orange Hiace